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For employers, navigating health care for their employees is challenging and complex. It’s just as challenging for employees as the resources they need to figure out health care within employer and provider structures are lacking. Both sides experience health care in a fragmented way with a range of individual services members can’t access or take advantage of. That’s why Vistia Health is here to help.

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Vistia Health understands each component of the health care experience and knows how to put it all together. By streamlining your employees’ experience, you’ll start to see better engagement, increased employee satisfaction and lowered health care costs. And that matters, especially with the battle for talent acquisition and retention at its peak. Health care benefits are increasingly pivotal in workforce strategies for employers.

Vistia Health is working with employers to change the health care narrative for good. In 2022, we saw clear indications of how Vistia Health programs increased health engagement:


reduction in inpatient admits per 1,000 members


reduction in avoidable ER per 1,000 members

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