Better health
outcomes start
with Vistia Health

Better health outcomes start with Vistia Health Champion

We connect with employees in more ways with more support for every part of the journey.

Engage your employees at a higher level for a healthier life.

Imagine having a health plan that goes beyond providing coverage and does more to help your employees live a healthier life. Vistia Health Champion makes it possible. Starting with unparalleled access to data, Vistia Health Champion works hard to create impactful relationships with your employees. It also has the power to turn that level of engagement into healthy results for both your organization and your employees.

A personalized experience with a human touch

We believe that great experiences start with empathy and compassion. That's why we created Vistia Health Champion — because low-touch, cookie-cutter solutions aren't the answer. Let us show you how we can deliver health care with a human touch.

What’s included

  • Concierge-level service
  • Enhanced utilization management
  • High-touch care management
  • Seamless integration with vendor point solutions

How it benefits employees

  • Makes members feel cared for and empowered
  • Improves overall health care experiences
  • Incentivizes employee retention
  • Meets member’s unique needs with one-on-one support
  • Creates a single point of connection for everything
  • Helps manage chronic conditions with more empathy

Vistia Health Champion delivers

  • More personalized care for each member
  • Smarter, more integrated care
  • Better cost management results
  • Raised employee confidence
  • Measurable health improvements

Vistia Health Champion means having a winning team in your corner

Concierge-level service guides every journey with personalized support

  • Dedicated customer service team
  • Dedicated customer service phone number
  • Client-specific benefits and culture training
  • Prioritizes inquiries and identifies opportunities to transfer members to RN health coach

High-touch care management delivers a team of trusted partners

  • Registered nurse health coaches with 10 years experience on average
  • Single point of contact for all health-related issues
  • Available 24/7
  • Seamless care coordination for multiple chronic and complex solutions

Enhanced utilization management drives value in medical management and helps cover high-cost areas with volume based efficiencies

  • Radiation therapy
  • Lab/Genetic testing
  • Expanded cardio
  • Comprehensive musculoskeletal

Partner point solutions offers support to users with:

  • Diabetes management
  • Hypertension management
  • MSK and chronic pain
  • Weight management and metabolic syndrome
  • Fertility, pregnancy, parenting and menopause

We’re making navigating health care easier with personalized help for every employee to lower costs for your organization.

Data Experts

We turn data into smarter insights that work.

Greater Outcomes

We reduce the total cost of care with enhanced care management.

Trusted Relationships

We focus on building connections with your employees ensuring they’re engaged in their care.

With less than 1% of your employee population being engaged, Vistia Health's products pay for themselves.


of outreached members engage with RN


of engaged members are satisfied or highly satisfied with RN


of RN engaged members met their goal

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